If you are wondering where the word “tazza” came from, it is an Italian word that refers to a shallow bowl form. The tazza is the most challenging form a glassblower can make. It was made only to appeal to the eye and not for any realistic function. Both the tazza’s elegance and mastery have been a focal point for my appreciation of both skill and form.

Tazza Glass is the artwork of Mike Grau. I was born and raised in North Royalton, Ohio (outside of Cleveland). I’ve been blowing glass since 1998. I went to Bowling Green State University, where I stumbled upon, and became addicted to glassblowing while fulfilling requirements for another degree. Graduating in 1999, I quickly acquired a couple of glassblowing jobs in Toledo. It wasn’t long after that when I took the gamble and started my own studio. On August 28th of 2002, I was making my first pieces at Tazza Glass in rural Medina, OH.